Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zentangles in Fabric

I have begun my first zentangle in fabric, and this is what the beginning looks like. 
I have used 11 different fabrics.  I thought that by using patterned fabrics, it would simulate the look of zentangles, but after fusing the fabrics down, I decided that it needed additional stitching. 
I have stitched, either with the walking foot, or free motion, on each of the fabrics.  The two lower fabrics were just outlined, although on the left side I added some dots with a permanent marker in the orange areas.  See the detail shots below:

The two larger circles are ultrasuede, with gold beads around the outside.  I still have to add antennae and I may add some more beads, not sure about that yet.  Zentangling in fabric is a bit more work than on zentangling on paper, but it is just as much fun.  It certainly takes collaging to another level! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My group the Dirty Dozen this month is challenging us to investigate Zentangles.  I am starting with a drawing, and I hope to also do some in fabric.  This is my first attempt at a zentangle drawing, and because we are already in February, I decided to try my hand at a heart. 
Here is a close-up of the designs:

And here is the finished design.  The whole process is rather meditative, and I really enjoyed this little project.  Next step is to do something in fiber; I'm not sure if I'll get into color or if I will use all black and white prints, hmmmmm, so many possibilities.