Saturday, October 12, 2013

Prayer Flags!

I was inspired by a recent article in Quilting Arts Magazine about prayer flags.  There was even a flag made by Martha Wolfe, who has made several fantastic flags.  So I set about creating my prayers.  The first one was for HOME:

We recently moved to a new home, closer to family, so my prayer is for family, security, protection, comfort, warmth and acceptance. 

The next prayer is for LOVE:

I added some sequins on this one, and they really sparkle in the sunlight.  The flags are a finished 5" x 8", and I used a single piece of fabric, without backing or batting so they would easily flutter in the wind.

Next comes PATIENCE!

This is something I can really use and as they say, I need it NOW!  All my supplies, except for a small handful of fabrics and paint, are being stored in boxes until my studio can be built.  It's frustrating to try to create, when everything you need is in a box, somewhere in the back of a cargo container!  The flag says from seed to sprout to fruit.  Nature has no trouble with patience, does she?

The next flag is DREAM:

What are your dreams about?  Is it for success, love, acceptance, better health, or do you dream of a far away place?  Whatever your pet dream, may it come true!  I included some hand stitching in several of the flags, always a meditative exercise for me. 

Flag number five is for HOPE:

This one holds special meaning for me, as I have several friends and relatives who are dealing with cancer.  I have real hope that they all go into complete remission, and never have to deal with this horrible disease ever again!  And that goes to all who might be dealing with ill health; hope is there for all.

After HOPE comes JOY!

JOY! JOY! JOY!  The joy of a beautiful day, of a walk in the woods, of a piece of special music, whatever or wherever you find your joy, may it be in your life daily!  I find joy everywhere, in creativity, in LIFE!  Find your joy, and hold it dear.

Next comes WISDOM:

Ah, WISDOM!  It comes from knowledge, common sense and experience.  And there is so little of it in the world!  As the prayer of serenity goes, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." 

After WISDOM, comes RESPECT:

RESPECT!  There is precious little respect nowadays.  Respect for oneself, for others, for property.  Respect for life itself.  Where did it go, and how did we lose it?  More importantly, how do we reclaim it?  Let's bring more respect into our lives.

The next flag is for HEALTH:

Good health is a rare commodity, and something everyone could use!  May good health fly to you on the wings of the dragonfly, to stay with you for all your days.


Learn to be kind to yourself, no one is perfect, forgive yourself and others.  Kindness goes hand in hand with respect, learn to foster both. 

 Prayer flags usually hang in sets of 10, and right after I finished my 10 flags, another one had to be completed as I found out a friend had a negative result from a breast biopsy.  That flag shouts GRATITUDE!

I am grateful for so many things, not only my friends' positive result, but also for my many supportive artist friends.  We all have so very much to be grateful for, and for all of us I exclaim, THANK YOU! 

I had a blast creating these prayer flags.  They are so quick to do, and I didn't need any of my stored supplies to do them!  I hope to make more flags, maybe using some sheer fabrics for the next group.  Here are the flags all together as they are hung between two of our large oak trees.  I love the way they add color to the landscape, and they carry these prayers in the wind, which is plentiful here in Oklahoma! 

Why not try your hand at making a prayer flag?  You needn't make a set number.  Every prayer is heard, and we could all use more prayers in our world, don't you think?