Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 35

This week's piece is something totally different.  I started with a piece of commercial fabric that has grey dots on it.  I then added two vertical strips of black fabric on top, off center from each other.  Next I added a horizontal strip of black fabric and on top of that is a piece of glitter mesh fabric.  I couched some silver cord around the edges of the glitter mesh to outline it.

On top of the mesh I again added a strip of black fabric and another piece of the glitter mesh with cord around the edges.  And finally I put a small rectangle of black fabric on top of it all.  The effect of all the fabrics is that of being pieced, but in reality the fabrics are simply layered on top of each other. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 34

I have been doing some ice dyeing of cheesecloth, and I used some pieces in this weeks entry for Week 34.  The background fabric is a commercial piece and I then sewed strips of colorful fabrics on top of it.  Then, for fun, I added small pieces of dyed cheesecloth and one metallic mesh, just to give it a bit of bling.   (although in the photo, the bling doesn't show up well.  It's on the last piece on the right, under the turquoise cheesecloth)

I rather like the raggedy look of the cheesecloth on the piece.  It was a fun piece to do!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 33

My entry for week 33 is a technique I was inspired to try.  I saw an article in Art Quilting Studio, Summer 2012 issue, by Caren Sachs where she used strips of fabric, sewed down randomly.  I decided to do a couple of fiber postcards and liked them, so I did the same for a 7 inch piece for this week's contribution.  I had added some fancy yarns to the postcards, and if I use this piece, I would do the same.
The yarns go in varying lengths from the top and some from the bottom.  It adds a bit of movement.  I also added some copper findings to the postcards, which gave it a bit of bling as well.   

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 32; On Time!

I'm back on time for this weeks' entry, Week 32.  This piece was inspired by one I had seen some years ago, although I don't have the name of the artist who made it.  I used a single piece of multi-colored fabric and raw-edge appliqued some curvy strips of a black, white and gray fabric on top. 

If I use this piece in a project, I imagine I would heavily quilt the background fabric.  The strips are sewed down with a machine blanket stitch. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SAQA Auction happens soon!

My friend Susan Rienzo alerted me to the fact that SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) has chosen my auction piece, Serene Waters, as one of their ads for the upcoming online auction!  I am blown away.  Here is the ad:

As you can see, the auction begins on September 16th, and you can see all of the wonderful creations up for bid at:  I have donated a 12 x 12 quilt for the past several years.  The funds collected through the auction help support SAQA and pay for such things as traveling shows and exhibits.  A worthy cause, and you get to own a piece of fabulous, one of a kind ART! 

Week 31

This week I am on time, yea!  I have some fabric with maps of the world on it, and decided to use some of it in this piece.

I did some satin stitching around each piece, and if I use it, I would probably add some circle quilting in the brown areas.