Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Postcards

I really enjoy doing postcards, because they are quick, little projects.  They are also very handy for trying out new techniques.  For the past several years, I have been making them and sending them to members of my fiber art group, Seams Unique.  Here are two that I have done in the past couple of months.
This one is made using a piece of sun dyed fabric I made in a workshop.  The leaf shape came from a stencil, and I repeated the shape with machine quilting.
This postcard was made with a piece of a black and white wool skirt that I had lying around.  Must have bought it in a thrift store!  I added circles and did a machine blanket stitch around it.  Postcards are fun, and I usually send them in an envelope I make myself out of wallpaper scraps.  That way I know it is going to cost the first class postage just like a letter. 

Auction Piece for SAQA

I am donating an auction piece to the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) online auction this year.  And I am trying a technique I've never done before.  I have been doing some tree scenes lately, so I decided to continue in that vein.  Somehow, though, the piece ended up being a compilation of the seasons! with spring in the foreground, summer in the background and autumn in the tree.  So I have titled it "Seasonal Progression." 
I created the plants by fussy cutting from several different fabrics and assembling them into a cohesive plant.  I also added bits of metallic fabric to the trunk of the tree, to give it some oomph. 

The autumn leaves are bits of different fabrics.  Everything is held down with netting and machine quilting.  I hope you will all go and check out the wonderful auction pieces at the SAQA website;  The auction begins in September!