Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 39; Fall has arrived

This is Week 39 and Fall arrived on Thursday, September 22, although the weather at that time felt more like mid-summer.  We have finally had a cold front come through, so today was a truly wonderful, crisp fall day.  And my Week 39 piece is here to celebrate my favorite time of year! 
The green piece in the background is a marvelous hand dyed piece my friend Vanya gave to me.  It was just perfect for the autumn leaves I cut out of the stripe fabric that is on the top and bottom of the block.  I did free machine stitching on the leaves, using yellow thread on the orange leaves and orange thread on the yellow leaf.  I like the finished block, and may do some other fall-inspired pieces in the next couple of weeks. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 38

Well, here we are at week 38 and I am ready to post the piece, woohoo!  I had to rummage through my "extra drawer" which is where I put all the pieces of fabric I've surface designed, with no plans for using them.  There is a lot of inspiration in there, just waiting....The drawer is bursting. 

Anyway, I found this cute little fishie I'd silk screened, and figured it was as good a time as any to use him. 

I used Lumiere acrylic paint in green and turquoise through sequin waste for the bubbles and stitched some hand dyed fabric to the sides, squaring it up with two strips of black. 

Who knows, if I keep this up, I'll actually USE some of those wonderful screened and painted fabrics and papers!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 37

This week I decided to pull out a piece of tissue paper fabric I had made awhile back and see what I could do with it.  I added a bit more paint and some more words, then thought that a strong tree might work in silhouette. 

Now as I'm posting this, I'm thinking that a swing hanging from that main branch would work.  Hmmm, maybe.  I'll have to think on that a bit. 

I used some metallic/shimmery paint that I have in spray bottles, but you really can't see the shimmer in the photo.  The fabric is a black and white random print that I didn't even know I had.  Such is the onus of having so many fabrics (and so little time!)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week 36, Late

It's week 36 and I have had some computer issues, so this posting is a bit late in the week.  But it is done, so that's what counts, isn't it?  Anyway, the computer has been cleared of it's virus, and we are good to go.

The piece this week is made with my hand dyed fabric onto which I put some tissue paper writing and small circles.  I attached the tissue paper to the background fabric with gel medium.
When the medium was dry I then added circles (made with a toilet paper roll) in black and gold paint.  I waited for the paint to dry overnight and heat set the piece.  I would probably do circle stitching in the open areas if I ever use this piece, and I do like the words from the paper.  The top piece of paper was a piece of dress pattern tissue.