Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Plethora of Postcards

During this past year most of my supplies have been in storage, and my working space has been limited, so I have done a bunch of fabric postcards to keep the creative juices flowing.  Most of these have been sent to friends for birthdays, etc, so they are no longer in my possession, but I will share the pictures of them now.  The one below is made from my rusted fabrics (a favorite theme this past year), some painted cheesecloth and hand stitching.  BTW, hand stitching on rusted fabric is challenging to say the least!
The postcard above was also done with rusted fabric, with reverse applique black fabric on top.  Again, the hand stitching! 

The postcard below was done with a weaving technique I have used on several quilts.  I love the curved lines, and of course, I used rusted fabric and black fabric. 

The next fabric postcard was inspired by a book I purchased, "Radiant Landscapes".  I used turquoise fabric in the background, with rusted fabric for the diagonal accent, and a palm tree in the foreground.
The postcard below was done using all commercial fabrics.  I added metallic gold paint for accent and hand stitching, including french knots.  Instead of satin stitching on the edge, I did a straight stitch about 1/4 inch from the edge and then pinked the outside edge to finish it. 

The next card was made with some marbled fabric in the background I made using shaving cream and metallic paint.  I then added a stenciled leaf and hand stitching, as well as some eyelash yarn for accent. 
And here's another card using my rusted fabrics.  This one has sheer fabric that was rusted on top of the black fabric, and a cotton rusted fabric under the black fabric on the opposite side, with a gold cord couched down the center.  The sheer fabric had a dot print on the original piece of fabric. 
The next one was made with all commercial fabrics, rough cut and free motion stitched.  I again used the pinking shears for the edge. 

I often try new techniques on postcards to see if I like the results.  This next card was an attempt to use a printed fabric as a 1/4 inch seamed accent on black fabric.  I found the size of the postcard difficult to vary the design enough to make it dramatic.  However, I think it is a technique I may try on a larger scale sometime. 
I have just completed another 8-9 more cards, 6 of which will go in the mail next month for birthdays.  I will post those cards after they have been sent.