Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 48

I have returned to the fall colors for one more week although I'll probably change the color scheme next week; after all, we'll be into December by then and Winter colors should prevail. 
I must admit, however, that I feel quite comfortable with autumn colors, the colors of the earth.  I confess to having a plethora of them in my stash, so it's only reasonable that I use them from time to time.  And what better time than the fall changing of the seasons?  This piece is done with all commercial fabrics.  The background color on the left did not photograph well; it really is a mossy green or deep avocado green, but it looks gray in the photo.  The gold fabric is a marbled fabric I have that is predominantly white on one end and it gets darker into the golds until it is   almost all brown at the opposite end.  Thus, Week 48 is done and I head, crashing,  into Week 49!

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