Monday, December 26, 2016

Last Post of the Year, Week 52

Well, we are finally at the last week of 2016!  My last entry for the year is what I was wishing for on Christmas, and what we certainly DID NOT have: A White Christmas.  This area of the country had extremely warm temperatures for the day, and it will continue throughout the coming week, so that we will end the year on a warm note. 
If I can't have a white Christmas in reality, I can create one in fabric!  I used commercial fabrics and a little bit of silver mesh for bling.  That's supposed to be a small pond in black; not sure it's totally believable, but then, it doesn't really have to be!  I love the fabric I used for the sky, with the rays coming from the horizon.  I'll have to remember that fabric when I'm looking for sky fabrics. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Christmas and that the New Year of 2017 (EEK!) will bring lovely surprises, lots of creativity and JOY to you all!  Thanks for sharing my 2016 weekly project with me, it's been fun!

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