Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 51

You can probably tell by this point that I enjoy doing squares and rectangles, since I've done several over this past year.  It just somehow speaks to me.  Maybe next year I need to switch to circles?  Spice it up a bit?  Well, I may have to work on that!  This week I wanted to work in blue again, mainly because it is so reminiscent of winter; skies and snow and all.  We have finally had a dusting of snow and the world has turned magical, especially in the mornings when the sun hits the ice covered trees.  Just beautiful.  But I digress. 
The fabric on the left side has a Christmas tree in silver in the fabric, so it just seemed natural that it would go in this square.  And of course, we have snowflakes in the central square.   I decided to add some orange for a bit of  pop.  There's only one week left in the year and I will have completed 52 pieces!  WOOHOO! 

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